Video streaming is our niche.

"Our mission is to deliver rich experiences to billions of viewers worldwide."

Tonra Daylan, Managing Partner

Meet the technology and the platform behind video streaming services (OTTs) of world's leading TelCo operators, ISPs and media groups.


Data-driven OTT Platform, Designed for Excellent End-User Experiences & Engineered for High Business Efficiency

Partner with VUCOS to go live with your own OTT on 9 connected platforms. Stream videos globally with up to 4K quality. Satisfy users' expectations with 50+ features. Run your operations with ease and confidence.

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SD / HD / UHD Compatible

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VoD / Live TV (global)

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Built-in DRM

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Time & cost efficient

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Futureproof, ready for 5G era

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Built-in cyber security shield


Build Your OTT Business with VUCOS 

Launch your own video streaming service on our out-of-the-box, yet fully customizable platform and jumpstart your OTT business. Lessen time-to-market and save big on setup and maintenance costs.

Your Architecture & Infrastructure



Utilize VUCOS's end-to-end infrastructure to its fullest extent. No capital expenditures (CapEx) are required on your end. If you choose to customize it, our modular architecture gives you the flexibility to plug-in whichever provider / tool you want.


Your Native Apps



VUCOS builds and maintains your apps on all platforms. No software development efforts are required on your end. Your viewers will have (by default);


Adaptive bitrate with a stream quality of up to 4K,

24 hour time shift, replay and catchup for live TV,

Personalized VoD library with smart recommendation engine,Watchlist, favorites list, reminders, Social features such as upvote, downvote, share externally.

Your Management (Admin) Environment



VUCOS provides you with a full-feature management environment. It has a state-of-the-art life cycle management system (LCM) that includes customer relationship management (CRM), billing, customer support modules and many more. It also has a content management system (CMS) and an ad management system that is tailor-made to meet the needs of an OTT business.

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Your Data-Driven OTT Business



VUCOS provides you with advanced analytics and insights so that you can make data-driven decisions while you run your OTT business. No external business intelligence (BI) tools are needed.

World's Leading TelCo Operators Have Launched Their OTTs with VUCOS

VUCOS is the end-to-end technology and platform provider of Vodafone Turkey's OTT product (Vodafone TV) since 2016. VUCOS maintains Vodafone TV's native apps on 9 different platforms (iOS / Android smartphones and tablets, smart TVs etc.) and runs them on a scalable infrastructure that serves 100+ live TV channels and 10.000+ VoD content to millions of subscribers. (And yes, with no buffers or downtimes during peak-usage hours!)

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Check out our work on Vodafone TV's website, Play Store and App Store.


VUCOS is ready. Is your content ready?


If yes, let us build and get your OTT live on all platforms in less than 30 days.

Have an OTT Business and Now Growing It?

Migrate to VUCOS to Guarantee Scalability & Continuity

For most OTTs it's all good on a 'business-as-usual' day, but when there is a sudden increase in traffic, stress levels and tensions rise.  It's quite the contrary with VUCOS. VUCOS has a proven track-record of handling millions of concurrent active user sessions during times of unexpected / miscalculated end-user demand.

Strategy A

Migrate fully to VUCOS on an end-to-end basis and take all of the benefits of our OTT-as-a-Service business model. Consolidate everything under one single monthly bill.

Strategy B

Migrate some parts / components of your operations to VUCOS. Whether it is encoding on the fly, multi-CDN or edge storage, we have the right solutions to fix what has underperformed so far.


Build and Air Your Corporate TV / Tube with VUCOS

Whether you are launching an employees-only video app within your company or a public video app to bring back visitors to your website / apps and achieve a higher retention rate, VUCOS offers you the platform you need to build it and get it on air real fast.

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Interested in offering video content to your audience? 


Join many other sports federations, sports teams, sports news sites and betting sites that chose VUCOS as their corporate TV platform provider.


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