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Your End-to-End IPTV & OTT Solutions Provider

What You Get At VUCOS

We run TV platforms of content providers, large telecom operators, ISPs and others

with more than 12 million subscribers.

Easy Streaming: Easy integration with VOD, Middleware, Billing and Customer Care systems, VUCOS ensures a frictionless integration process, making your transition to our platform smooth and simple.

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Smart Insights: Leveraging advanced analytics, VUCOS empowers you with deep insights into viewer preferences and behaviors, mirroring the confidence that our users have in their platform's scalability and security.​


Plus, you can manage your video library through Assets Management System (CMS) and control your customers with the Subscription Manage System, which can also be integrated with your CRM system if you already have one.​

Rapid Growth: Our solutions are crafted to help you scale effortlessly. Whether you're a content owner, IPTV/OTT operator, or a broadcaster, VUCOS provides you with the tools and support needed to expand your reach and enhance service delivery, much like the rapid project delivery and comprehensive support.

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Why Our Customers Choose

Superior User Experience

Enjoy high-quality, multi-device streaming that ensures your viewers remain engaged, wherever they are.

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Flexible and Adaptable

Our business model adapts to your needs, allowing you to captivate and retain more customers.

Quick Launch

Our efficient delivery model means you can go live faster, without the delays.

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Security Protection

We protect the content using Token authentication and Digital Rights Management (DRM).​

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With no migration costs and lower operational expenses, we make it easier for you to start and scale.

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